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What if the Media Control gestures don't work?

For media control to work in certain applications, you might need to perform some additional steps. This is largely dependent on the internal behavior of each application.

Below are some othertips to enable these for WinAmp and Windows Media Player:

winamp preferencesEnable support in the WinAmp settings

By default, WinAmp doesn't listen to virtual media keys. You can activate this through the WinAmp preferences by going to the 'Global Hotkeys' section and checking both the boxes on that preference panel.

Once you close the preferences window, WinAmp should be listening to virtual media key presses and the gestures that you perform through HandWAVE should be picked up.

Play once through the GUI button in Windows Media Player

windows media playerWindows Media Player only seems to start listening to virtual media keys when it has at least once been started manually after you launch it. Simply press the big round play button in the Windows Media Player window and afterwards the gestures of HandWAVE should be picked up.


Here are some tips that might help you to quickly solve the most frequent problems:


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