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Magnet Magazines
a glimpse of our work...

Highly dynamic and interactive site for teenaged girls

  • cross-linked celebrity database with birthday notification
  • multiple-choice personality tests with weighed responses
  • personal makeovers with before and after pictures
  • real-time display of the current and upcoming TV shows
  • customizable e-cards
  • downloadable multi-format wallpapers
  • categorized and interactive knowledge base of teenage questions with helpful responses from professionals
  • game tests with screenshots and fun-factor indication
  • multi-user personal diaries (blogs)
  • auto-rotating horoscope
  • automated portal with integration of external forums
  • integration with proprietary online subscription system
  • contests for members
  • auto-decorated custom page creation with basic workflow
  • versioned file upload repository
  • in-line administration according to user-permissions
  • rich and intuitive administration section