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WYSIWYG authoring studio for MMS messages

  • targeting of different display sizes with flexible inter-screen dependencies that automatically derive scaled versions
  • visual layout of picture and text content panes
  • final message size prediction with overflow indication
  • drag & drop sequence editing with real-time preview
  • non-destructive graphical editing tools: moving, scaling, flipping, picture placement, editable text objects, lines, rectangles, ovals, draw and fill colors, line thickness, object layering
  • sound support
  • cross-platform: runs on Windows, Linux, MacOSX and Solaris
  • multi-langual interface offering instant switching without restart
  • resizable user interface with multiple look and feels
  • authentication profiles for using different envoy accounts
  • message queueing and templates
  • support for HTTP proxies
  • Hessian-based gateway web service that authorizes, validates, transforms and queues MMS messages for envoy
  • independent and abstracted MMS composition library for Java