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Chapter 3. Braces and paranthesis

Braces Policy

Place braces under and inline with keywords, like this :

Example 3-1. Braces Policy Example

if (condition)        while (condition)
{                     {
    ...                   ...
}                     }


  • If you use an editor (such as vi) that supports brace matching, this is a much better style than the default unix style where braces aren't vertically aligned. Why? Let's say you have a large block of code and want to know where the block ends. You move to the first brace hit a key and the editor finds the matching brace.

    Example 3-2. Braces Policy Justification

    if (very_long_condition && second_very_long_condition)
    else if (...)
    To move from block to block you just need to use cursor down and your brace matching key. No need to move to the end of the line to match a brace then jerk back and forth.