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Revolutionary Expressive Musical Performance Controller

LinnStrumentFinally, a controller that unlocks the expressive potential of electronic sound generation.

The promise of electronic sound generation was to produce any instrument sound you can imagine. However, if you've ever tried to play a convincing guitar, sax, violin, clarinet or cello solo on a MIDI keyboard, you've found it to sound static and lifeless because keyboards can't do much more than turn sounds on and off at different volumes. LinnStrument takes a new approach, capturing each finger's subtle movements in three dimensions for simultaneous fine control of note expression, pitch and timbre. With this level of expressive control, the promise of electronic sound generation is finally a reality.

Contact us for LinnStrument sales and demos.

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full-stack Java web application framework

RIFE offers developers a one-stop solution to create complete web applications. As a full-stack web application framework, it provides the tools and APIs to implement most common web features. Its powerful integrated toolkits help boost your productivity while remaining individually usable. RIFE ensures that every declaration and definition is handled in one place in the code. This simplifies the developer's task by reducing code replication, enforcing consistency, and easing maintenance.

The web engine provides a solution that values maintainability without compromising on productivity. Through a centralized site structure, an application can be split up into easily reusable binary modules that can be seamlessly integrated into other projects.

Bla-bla List

free, secure, simple and sharable to-do lists

Bla-bla List is a free, secure, simple and sharable to-do list service that runs inside a browser without requiring any installation. Users are able to sign up in a matter of seconds and access their to-do lists from anywhere with internet access. The interface is compact and streamlined, allowing it to stay open at all times without cluttering screen estate. Even when users are asked to re-authenticate, Bla-bla List remembers what they were doing and lets them continue afterwards without interruption. Lists can be shared both privately and publicly, allowing secure collaboration or lists being published for the whole world.



information bot for IRC

Drone is a Java IRC Information bot written with a modular API that makes it possible to easily extend and customize the active feature set. It sports a modern web administration interface to handle all common tasks and a public logging section with an advanced web search. It also provides a remote IRC messaging REST API to allow easy integration with notification services. Installation is done by simply dropping the archive in your existing server or by running it straight from the standalone distribution.

retired projects

You can find the project pages of RelativeLayers, QtUnit, Fm, and TinyQ in our retired projects section.