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Throughout our years of application development, we has enjoyed the confidence of numerous customers.
Below is a list of our most significant references:

Close collaborate on the creation of the firmware for LinnStrument, a revolutionary expressive musical performance controller.


Development, support, research, maintenance and advocacy for the revolutionary Eigenharp electronic instruments and their software. Fostering of a user community both through company channels and well as social networks.


Development on products that make developers and operations (DevOps) more productive and release faster while reaching higher quality standards. Technical content writing and trade show advocacy.


Creation of products and APIs for distributed and clustered Java applications. Development on many aspects of the 'scale continuum' where applications can seamlessly be moved from a single unclustered machine all the way through to a WAN deployment at various partitioning and redundancy levels.


Creation of dynamic multi-language web sites with an integrated content management system.
Platform-independent fat client creation for multi-user contact and customer relationship management. The server-side architecture is service-oriented and fully decoupled.
Consultancy for the migration from older infrastructures to newer technologies, including conversion and handling of existing data and content.


Delivered a top to bottom solution for one of the largest online US retailers, allowing them to create innovative rich media customer interactions from within their familiar content creation tools. This provides exciting new features for tenths of million customers, making their shopping experience more pleasant and engaging while still presenting the information in a clean and elegant way.


Development, support and maintenance of high-performance modular internet, intranet and extranet customer relation management tools. The solution integrates with the internal business processes and all information is handled and stored in a highly secure manner.


Dealer-oriented extranet site to distribute multi-langual product images, specifications and user manuals. Role-based access ensures that every user only has access to the information and features that he's allowed to see or use.


Various presentations about cutting edge technologies, development tools and programming concepts. We are invited speakers at the Java In Action and TheServerSide Java Symposium conferences.


Long-term collaboration for the creation, maintenance and development of a modern content-managed website for every magazine with a focus on e-commerce and community building. A general suite of features has been developed to be able to cherry-pick and customize the needs of every individual site with limited additional investments.


Co-authership for the Sam's book 'Teach Yourself GTK+ Programming in 21 Days'. We wrote the chapters about list widgets, tree widgets, the management of selections and the implementation of drag-and-drop.


Analysis, refactoring and extension of a custom back-office e-commerce application to dissociate it from presentation logic and provide it as a generic service oriented application that can easily be integrated in partner sites.


Design, analysis and development of a standalone multi-platform application that allows customers to easily create, manage and print Ems-Taxipost dispatch notes in a visual and intuitive manner.


Creation of an open-source, secure, simple and sharable to-do list Rich Internet Application. It runs as a Web 2.0 service inside a browser without requiring any installation. Users are able to sign up in a matter of seconds and access their to-do lists from anywhere with internet access.


Conception and implementation of a modern in-house web application framework.
Development of a platform-independent desktop application for the visual creation of MMS messages with automatic handling of different target phones and size limitations. Through a web-service, customers are able to send their messages in batch after having designed them locally.


We developed generic solutions for a number of back-end features such as automatic page authentication, user and group management, management of JSP trails, scheduling of maintenance events, fault-tolerant database classes and localization.


Analysis of WAP functionalities in collaboration with a leading Belgian bank, database vendor, telecom operator and portable phone manufacturer. According to the limitations and capabilities of the webserver and the WAP gateway, we designed and implemented a communication protocol in XML with carefully crafted DTDs.


Creation of a collection of dynamic internet, intranet and extranet sites with optional integration into the customer's daily workflow and back-office.
Dynamic HTML designs and advanced javascript programming.


Reusable browser-independent DHTML menu that can easily be generated on-the-fly, skinned or integrated into any website.


Support and guidance for the development of their platform that provides advanced analysis and visualisation services for the transport sector.


Our own products, sold directly end-users or B2B.